Application Recommendations

Ground Preparation:

The floor to be treated must be dry clean and free from dust.

Application Process:

For a regular appearance, the tiles should be applied with a gap of 1mm.

Bonding process:

In order to ensure that the cargoes are held securely on the floor, a double-sided bonding method with flexible adhesives must be applied.

Double sided bonding method; A thin layer of glue is applied both to the glue floor and to the back of the tile.

ATTENTION: It is absolutely necessary to apply impregnation protector which gives stain and waterproofing to all patterned tiles.

 Surface Protection:

In order to complete the jointing process smoothly, we recommend first applying impregnant protection which prevents stain retention and provides waterproofing. The surface must be clean, dry and absorbent during protective application.

The impregnation must be uniformly spread over the surface in accordance with the protective instructions. At this time, care should be taken not to contaminate the joint channels. Wait 5-10 minutes for the protection to be absorbed, then clean the remaining excess with a dry cloth without rubbing. The joint is jointed after completely dry.


ATTENTION: After impregnation protection application, jointing process will be easier and construction dirt can be cleaned easily from the surface. Cleaners that contain acid should never be used for cleaning and maintenance of tiles.

 Joint Processing:

Traditional Joint; 1 unit of silica sand is obtained by adding water to the yogurt consistency with 2 pieces of shaved cement. The resulting mixture is filled into the grooves of the joint.

Last Clean:

For final cleaning, use marble and natural stone cleaning products with no acid content. Depending on the amount of contamination, dilute the cleaner with about 1/3 or 1/5 water. Wait for 5 minutes on the surface of the cleaner soils and rub it with a cloth or machine.

Then take the waste from the surface and wash it with water.

Depending on the soil condition and application technique, the layer must be dried for 1-4 weeks.

 CAUTION: Pay attention to the application instructions of the impregnation protector to be used.

 Patterned Tiles:

We offer custom designs for all likes in our Mediterranean, modern or classical style with our floral designs.

We are prepared by drying, not by fire, with our patterned teas.

The production technique has remained virtually unchanged since the 19th century.

Patterned tiles, texture and design can not be compared with any other floor covering. Floor and wall coverings can be used in all interiors, such as balconies, terraces and winter gardens, where they are not exposed directly to land and frost.



It is absolutely necessary to apply impregnation protection which gives stain and waterproofing to all patterned tiles. This application should be done before jointing.

Before the application of preservative, the material must be completely dried.

Patterned tiles should not be used in areas exposed to direct snow or frost, including wet areas and showers.

Each patterned tile box has detailed application information.

In order not to encounter problems such as fading, cracking, stain, etc. From the application phase, to the upholstery, to the polishing-polishing and impregnation operations. This process should be implemented by knowledge and skill persons.

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